My Fight to Win the Fat Battle

This about me who has been overweight for about 10 years...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I was Strong

This week I was suffering at first I couldn't understand why, I do now. I had lent a bottle of my tablets that stop the cravings and hunger and I was confused on how many I should take after looking it up and taking them after the 2nd day I felt I was back on track I lost 1.3 kilos.
I am so proud right now I bought for the first time today a size 16 cardigan the smile on face when I looked in the mirror said it all.
I have noticed that I am a lot happier and want to look nice. But what makes it feel even better when you hear from other people.
I went on the biggest site and had a look, This was contradicting they had told me that i was losing too much weight and that I needed to contact my Dr. because I could have a problem with my liver, as it was My DR laughed because the show expect big losses so why was mine so dangerous, He informed me that my losses that I am producing each week is good and safe and that I should keep it off in the long term.
I know once i get to my goal, that I am not going through this again its torture.... bye for now talk soon

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