My Fight to Win the Fat Battle

This about me who has been overweight for about 10 years...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

27th March 2011....

Hello my name is Jody, I have been battling obesity for more than 10 years, I hurt my back 6 months ago. I tore 2 disks and had 4 prolapsed disks. The DR told me it was my weight and also my Job playing Havoc on my back. For a while there I felt sorry for myself, Couldn't get past the pain and the embarrassed  I felt i had caused myself and my family. Now lets get this straight right from the start my family not once ridicule me the whole time I have been trying lose weight, if anything I have had support and encouragement. I'm finally winning and inspiring friends and losing weight on a regular basis, Im not yet at my goal but I can see it not to far into the distant future. Which gave me this idea to inspire others who are or have been in the same situation as myself.
Please fell free to comment and add any inspirations that have touched you like they have me.

With My blog I am going to be posting my Roadblocks , but also my positives and offer Posts of  tried and tasty recipes.
That's enough for now talk soon
Take Care
Remember learn to look after yourself

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